Road to Reboot: A Novel, by Jenz Johnson. Reboot2: the world of techies & gamers. Jenz Reboot your life. rebbtique
Enter the world of techies, hackers, coders, gamers, hardware gurus, gismo and gadget wonks, where change is simply reprogramming your bicomputer. This is Jenz Reboot!
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The Road To Reboot, a novel by Jenz Johnson, follows Jenz through a world of rebooting, where transforming yourself (reinventing yourself) is like restarting a computer. You are your biocomputer, as Jenz the hero of the novel says. In the world of hackers, gamers, hardware gurus, gismos and gadgets, Jenz reboots. And you can reboot too, change yourself by reprogramming your inner self.  This is Jenz Reboot: in the deserts of the Southwest where hackers (computer programmers) and gamers morph into new persona by rebooting (transforming) themselves, i.e., changing their inner core, like uploading a new version of a game, and rewire their brains (rebtique).  The first step to changing oneself to get primed. The next one is up to you.  Enter the world of Jenz Reboot!